Business Process Solutions

Achieve rapid and sustainable process improvements with Blackfoot Consulting’s Business Process Solutions (BPS). Streamline workflows, standardizing processes, adopting or outsourcing to best practices and implementing performance management tools all lead to efficiency and satisfied internal and external customers.

Unlike the sciences of business process management or reengineering, our approach uses business process solutions that don’t require a big investment of your resources to achieve measurable and sustainable results – the kind of results that will separate you from your competitors. Blackfoot Consulting provides your company with subject matter expertise, process improvement capabilities and a network of best-in-class solution providers to help achieve optimum performance, reduce costs and satisfy customers in a short time frame.

For lenders, it means reviewing the Key Components of your business –loan originations, customer care & back office, collections, collateral recovery & remarketing, loss recovery and outsourcing & vendor performance management –and then identifying and implementing the best-in-class solutions:

In each key area, solutions can include implementing ‘quick-hit’ internal workflow changes, or introducing innovative new tools your company may not be aware that exist. Sometimes, the best-in-class solution is to outsource certain processes within key areas to gain access to leading technologies, scale, cost savings and expertise.

Blackfoot Consulting's BPS will reduce the time it takes to identity and implement the very best and most sustainable solutions for your company.














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