Lender Negotiations and Access to Capital


Let's face it, the banking and lending environment is not what it use to be in terms of the availability of capital.  The requirements and stipulations are much more stringent.  Owners, Officers, and Principals are being required to have a much better handle on the financial aspect of the company.  Blackfoot can assist in getting the team on the same page and providing that ever important confidence that lenders are looking for within the management teams.

When companies do experience problems with lenders, financial and operational covenants have often been tripped and access to additional credit has normally been restricted. In situations like these, Blackfoot Consulting can work to negotiate with the company for the lenders and other banks, as well as, outside creditors.

Blackfoot Consulting has the experience to craft viable plans that are acceptable to lenders, creditors, and/or the equity holders. These plans quickly allow the most suitable outcomes to occur within the shortest amount of time. We understand that time is money and that business need to continue to operate to produce revenue..

 Blackfoot Consulting can also work with companies to access capital through various channels.


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