Steven G. Wade





  • Successfully forecasted, budgeted, and managed P&L’s of over $42MM. Met and exceeded plans by managing metrics, controlling costs, developing teams, and having a passion for helping people succeed
  • Developed and managed a project team with GM that increased a $45MM revenue stream into $210MM with one third the resources
  • Organization awarded “Best in Class” by Benchmark 2000
  • Managed up to 450 employees through innovative, compassionate, and objective oriented leadership
  • Implemented a process that improved cash flow by $27MM at TXU Energy
  • Organization was selected for The Chairman’s Award given by the CEO of GM
  • Key roles in the development and marketing of the GMAC Smart Auction
  • Managed a sales team that consistently ranked #1 in the company
  • Experienced professional, possessing eighteen years of business experience.
  • MBA from BaylorUniversity and a BBA from MarshallUniversity
  • Selected to the GM Fellowship program
  • Actively involved with The Arthritis Foundation as Member of the Board of Directors








Fifth Third Bank



Columbus, OH


Vice President–Commercial Lending / Dealer Services Group / Corporate Finance


Expand personal and professional relationships with upper and middle market companies through consultive selling and focused business development activities.  Provide creative and tailored banking / financing options that best serve client business requirements. Maintain a clear understanding of client’s existing and projected business plans, capacity, and credit worthiness to properly serve fiduciary responsibilities. Work with the underwriting function to ascertain a clear assessment of the market and operational risk involved in each relationship.


  • Provide customers with capital credit lines, real estate expansion, acquisition financing, succession planning, individual wealth planning, and trust advisors
  • Consult and provide cost of capital hedging options (SWAPs) through the derivatives market; inventory (non-amortizing) and term debt hedging products
  • Manage a portfolio of $120M
  • Meet and exceed sales goals
  • Primary affiliate contact for implementation of Siebel CRM application



TEN Solutions Consulting


 Dublin, OH


Self-Employed (Contract Executive Roles with TXU Energy and OSI Collection Services; Consulting roles with Healthbridge Imaging, and The PM Company)


Provided strategic credit and risk management solutions for multiple companies, including captive finance, student loan, and the retail deregulated energy industry. TEN Solutions evaluated processes, and provided solutions that improved the determination of portfolio risk, including the application of resources to mitigate risk or to achieve the developed strategic initiatives. Solutions included presentation of materials used to evaluate, analyze, and identify the best plan of action to support client objectives. TEN also provided organizational development, web/internet building, and management training consulting services.


  • Assessed current operational effectiveness from a personnel, process, and technological aspect.
  • Determined the efficiency of management in the organizational process.
  • Tested risk evaluation strategy.
  • Reviewed remarketing model for automotive finance sector.
  • Recommend process and strategic improvement where deemed necessary.
  • Identify credit/risk impacts and present recommendations to executive leadership.
  • Risk evaluation and forecasting of model scenarios.
  • Segmentation of customer base to minimize exposure and maximize revenue.
  • Changed cultural understanding of the financial impacts of credit/risk policy.
  • Implemented methodology changes to move from a utility to a competitive entity.
  • Rebuilt an organizational structure and developed the senior leadership team to effectively manage the business.
  • Managed student loan consolidations through internet lead generation in coordination with a dot com partnership; work with federal, state, and private clients in default aversion strategies; and manage federal, state, and private client’s defaulted student loan receivables
  • Developed and executed strategies that moved the engagements towards committed financial results. Responsible for achieving a $42 million revenue budget with target margin requirements.
  • Managed 450 employees in two U.S. locations and over $2 billion in student loan portfolios.






General Motors – GMAC Financial Services



Regional Sales Manager/Credit Officer

Led initial sales activities for a start up Commercial Services business unit as Sales Manager for two regions (North and South Central US). Unit was chartered to improve and grow the commercial vehicle portfolio. Commercial Lending: Monitored high exposure accounts in a corporate governance role. Reviewed proposals to extend and continue lines of credit and loans. Member of the corporate e-Business Strategy Board. Inter/intranet and marketing consultant for various internal groups.


  • Established business relationship with a top five commercial dealer group.
  • Directed activity of sales staff in ten states.
  • Coordinated with manufactures to conduct product previews, workshops, and improve relationship management.
  • Responsible for Credit extension/continuation/elimination decisions for approximately 1,400 Dealerships across eight states (Matrix responsibility).
  • Utilized financial modeling tools to ensure adequate returns based on assessed risk and related cost of funds.
  • Detailed financial analysis performed on large dealership groups financial statements and presented to Regional and Executive Credit Committee.
  • Responsible for developing regional employee skill set proficiency in financial analysis and the assessment and pricing of risk. Matrix reporting structure (27 exempt Sr. Credit Analysts).
  • Member of Regional Credit Committee.
  • Coordinated with various departments on marketing and sales initiatives from an e-business and internet technology perspective.
  • Member of corporate e-Business Strategy Board.
  • Developed and had oversight control of sections of regional intranet.






GM/GMAC - Regional Manager

Responsible for developing the annual budget and operating plans, MIS review, multi-level productivity strategies, performance measurement, benchmarking, personnel management, salary and incentive administration. Managed over 100+ employees (ten exempt direct reports).


  • Managed $1B in receivables.
  • Operation pursued all regional corporate off-balance sheet retail and lease receivables through effective arrears management activity.
  • Increased revenue 70% in first year with same asset and employee base. ($20 million to $34 million).
  • Open and collaborative management philosophy.
  • Effective leadership through, motivation, training, and development of employees.
  • Developed / implemented operating plan, branch and individual performance metrics. Assessed repayment probability through credit behavioral patterns and assigned appropriate strategy to maximize resources.
  • Changed organizational direction from a Demand based to a Solution based approach.
  • In 1998, determined best in class by BenchMark 2000, Inc. (50 participants; specific operational activity).
  • Improved and maintained efficient / effective communications and working relationships with other internal organizational entities throughout the country.
  • Designed and implemented a multi-dimensional incentive program (first incentive plan ever offered to non-executive level employees in the history of GMAC).
  • Redesigned the training process from a classroom approach to an internal consultant interaction. The model was adopted by other groups in the company.
  • Initiated a formal selection process for outside vendors.
  • Operation received the Chairman Award from the CEO of General Motors.





GM/GMAC - Project Manager

Restructured business processes and coordinated branch consolidation across the U.S. and Canada.


  • Consolidated arrears management activity for all corporate off-balance sheet retail and lease receivables from 210 to five regional locations.
  • Implemented a new software system to manage data and improve workflows.
  • Ensured procedural compliance with all federal and state legal requirements.





GM/GMAC - Credit Manager

Responsibilities included: Management of wholesale portfolios, performing financial analysis and risk assessment for the purpose of continuing or extending lines of credit to Automotive Dealers, management of the Loan Acquisition department, and supervision of the Collections department.


  • Managed and performed high-volume loan approvals process (ten non-exempt employees).
  • Directed customer service department (23 non-exempt employees).
  • Performed financial analysis of dealership financial statements.



Braeside Investments



Chicago, IL

Market Maker

Traded equity and index stock options as a Market Maker at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.







Master's Degree - MBA




Bachelor's Degree – BBA Finance



Arthritis Foundation of Central Ohio


Columbus, Ohio


Board of Directors


























































































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