New Business Plans and Restructuring for the Future

The Blackfoot Consulting restructuring strategy uses a process and operationaly driven approach that quickly determines a course of action that meets the client's objectives. This provides leadership, lenders, company equity holders, and stakeholders a concise evaluation and recommendation on the best go forward strategy.

The first course of action is conducting Situational Assessment, which provides a fast  analysis of the current situation. This process includes a review of existing metrics and reporting components, controls, cash management, debt service capacity, capital structure, operations, and team effectiveness. This information is the foundation of the recommended action plans.

It is paramount that we obtain buy-in from the stakeholders, as there support will ensure a high probability of successful implentation of the recommended plans. The plans often include modifications to cash management, re-engineering of processes and procedures, improving transfer of information and repairing relationships with employees, lenders, and vendors.

Blackfoot Consulting can also be engaged as interim management to carry out the Restructuring Plan if the current management needs additional assistance or key positions become vacant. We attend to the vital aspects of the business - cash flow, reporting, forecasting, bank and creditor relationships, and vendor and employee relations.

Strategic Planning is a process that determines the future path of the organization and what organizational resources will be needed to ensure success. Development of a strategy is far more effective than leaving the future to chance and will contributes to the long-term sustainablity of the client.  Successful plans will create higher levels of motivation, commitment, and continuously fuel higher levels of achievement.

Blackfoot Consultants have the experience to provide perspective and the ability to effectively communicate and implement the new or restructured business plans.

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